Gibson ES-125

Sunburst, 1954

I was looking for an old Gibson with aged woods and this is about the only affordable option nowadays. I bought it from Gregor Hilden in Münster with all the required legal paperwork (CITES). It was a smooth purchase since I could trade in my The Loar LH-309 therefore making the price a little less steep. I even got a good deal on Gregor’s special GH OKKO Diablo booster/overdrive pedal and got to jam with him on his personal Gibson L5 that once belonged to Danny Gatton. What a great afternoon with a well known but still humble and friendly artist!

Foto: Stefan Rehbinder
Häns'che Weiß

Häns'che Weiß mit einer ES-125. Photo: Dietmar Liehr

Great lightweight team: The ES-125 with my Quilter 101 Reverb in a BlockDock 10TC cabinet.

Foto: Stefan Rehbinder

Vintage meets up-to-date: The ES-125 played through my Mooer GE-200 digital multieffects preamp with cabinet simulation is a winning team, only 65 years apart.

Louis Stewart mit einer ES-125. Photo: Dietmar Liehr


Jamming with Gregor Hilden: I played Danny Gatton's former Gibson L5

Gregor's original presentation video for my guitar

Jeanne Gies & Dietmar Liehr: Feels Like Home (Randy Newman cover)

Jeanne Gies & Dietmar Liehr: Rhode Island is Famous for You, BOSS OC-3 Octaver, RC-1 Looper

Photo: Gertrud Bauer