Sonntag 7-string
»Ballade«, blonde


Although she is rarely seen in my videos this is my most important and most often used workhorse. Most of my gigs are in duo format and the notes on the low „A“-string of this guitar give the impression of a bass. This effect is often enhanced through the use of a „loop“ device that can repeat my bass lines as a basis for my solos. This guitar was hand carved from solid woods by master guitar maker Stefan Sonntag in Augsburg in 1998. The back and rims are made from maple and the top is spruce. These materials produce a strong acoustic sound that is sometimes not too easy to amplify. The pickup was manufactured by Kent Armstrong. I use a DV Mark AC-101 amplifier with this guitar that is designed for all acoustic string instruments including bass.

Photo: Gertrud Bauer

Photo: Gertrud Bauer

Foto: Stefan Rehbinder

Photo: Stefan Rehbinder

Foto: Gertrud Bauer

Photo: Gertrud Bauer


These examples from Bauer-Liehr Jazzduo show my typical use of this guitar.

This guitar with the 13 Strings guitar duo.

Using the guitar with Jeanne Gies.

Using the guitar with the Broken Wings Duo.

Typical application of this guitar with Bauer–Liehr Jazzduo. Note the looper on the floor.