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Jeanne Gies und Dietmar Liehr

Foto: Mark Howanessian

Jeanne Gies & Dietmar Liehr

Die in New York ansässige Sängerin und Songwriterin Jeanne Gies und der Augsburger Jazzgitarrist Dietmar Liehr lernten sich im Jahr 2011 in Südfrankreich kennen und stellten schnell fest, dass sie sowohl musikalisch als auch menschlich ein gutes Team bilden. Sie arbeiten daher seitdem regelmäßig einmal im Jahr im Duo zusammen. Neben Konzerten bieten sie in dieser Zeit auch Gesangsworkshops und Einzelcoachings in Augsburg an.

Jeanne Gies und Dietmar Liehr

»The lyrics are always clear to understand and are an important part in her singing. Her voice is light as a feather, only with a rarely used light vibrato and her phrasing is pure jazz.«

Michael's Jazz Blog

Cover Foto: Joseph Boggess, Live Fotos: Stefan Rehbinder

Jeanne Gies und Dietmar Liehr

Meet Jeanne Gies

Dubbed 'a pro' by Newport Jazz Festival founder George Wein, Jeanne Gies is recognized by music critics and musicians of the highest caliber for her full-bodied, emotionally expressive voice and distinctive phrasing. A NYC-based singer/songwriter with an international presence, Gies has toured and given workshops in Scotland, France, Germany, England, Austria, Italy, and Brazil. She has performed and recorded with a stunning array of jazz greats, including Howard Alden, Gene Bertoncini, Gerald Cannon, Joe Cohn, the late John Hicks, Sherman Irby, Willie Jones III, Romero Lubambo, Russell Malone, rock legend Steve Miller, Bucky Pizzarelli, Eric Reed, Jack Wilkins, Helmut Nieberle and Paulo Morello.

Recordings include: I’VE GOT JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING, IT WAS YOU, MAD ABOUT THE BOY, and DON’T THINK TWICE (soon to be released). She is also featured on several jazz compilations, including the IN LOVE WITH JAZZ series. A celebrated lyricist, Gies had the honor to pen the lyrics and record the music of prolific Brazilian composer Manu Lafer. This exciting new recording WINDOW (“da janela”) has received rave reviews. Sheila Anderson (on-air host, WBGO) writes: “The chemistry and cohesiveness between (Jeanne) Gies and (Howard) Alden is reminiscent of the iconic duo recordings of two greats, Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass.”

In 2019 she recorded and published the album “Tomorrow and Today” with the German guitarist Helmut Nieberle of which Dr. Helmut Hein writes “Rarely has music taken me like this at the first hearing; And this impression has not faded even with repeated, almost addictive hearing.”

“The duo of singer Jeanne Gies and 7-string guitarist Helmut Nieberle is the musical marriage of two soulful, sensitive artists, both in full command of their respective crafts. They share a melodic and rhythmic elasticity that allows this batch of classic standards to breathe -- a gift that was given the name ‘jazz’ over a century ago and of which Jeanne and Helmut are top-shelf contemporary practitioners. Most importantly, this is stuff that comes from the heart.”

Michael Simmons
Contributor, MOJO Magazine
ASCAP Award Winner For Liner Notes 2015

“The pairing of sultry vocalist Jeanne Gies and the great German 7-string guitarist Helmut Nieberle makes for a fun and tasteful set of intimate music. The interplay between Gies' quietly emotional voice (which evokes the deepest meanings found in the lyrics) with the swinging and sensitive Nieberle results in plenty of musical magic. Highlights of the relaxed yet flawless outing include ‘Crazy He Calls Me’, ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’, ‘If’ and ‘Moonglow’.”

Scott Yanow
jazz journalist, historian and author of the books
“The Jazz Singers” and “The Great Jazz Guitarists”

Some of her albums are featured on Spotify:

Jeanne Gies is currently working on a recording of original music in collaboration with producer and guitarist Sandro Albert. Live performances of her original music are recognized worldwide for Gies’ signature jazz-pop style and engaging lyricism. Gies presides over the singers at the annual Jazz Guitar and Vocal Workshop every spring in Bolzano/Italy with master guitarists Paulo Morello and Helmut Nieberle. This is an incredible creative experience for all involved: Workshop dates for next year at the beautiful Schloss Korb: 14th–18th April, 2020.

A licensed voice specialist, Gies receives outstanding praise from singers and speakers worldwide for her innovative, functional, and highly effective voice and speech lessons. She specializes in accent work for non-native English speakers and singers. Private, group, and skype lessons available.

JEANNE GIES LOVES TO TOUR, and travels with world famous musicians.
For bookings, contact: +1 (917) 860-5397 or email

»At a time when there are many vocalists who think they are jazz singers, it's great to hear someone who really is.«

Alan Steadman,
UK Jazz Waves host

Jeanne Gies und Dietmar Liehr